Who We Are?

Founded in 1979, AEC is a consulting company providing design and supervision services (pre construction, during construction & post construction) primarily in building and roads.

Comprising of multiple departments; multi discipline team along with the acquired services of numerous professionals; a modern and fully equipped office set up; AEC has executed numerous prestigious projects over the past 33 years.

How We Do?

Values & Ethics?

  • Commitment to excellence and high standards
  • Strictly conform with local laws and regulations
  • Strong adherence to engineering codes
  • Maintain independent perspective on issues, to ensure impartiality
  • Practice Islamic morals
  • Respect and regard local culture and values


  • Be at forefront of built technology.
  • Further strengthen the reputation for honesty and reliability.
  • Diversity to other specialized fields of built engineering.
  • Continuous and sustainable growth.

Benefit to client

Relying on accumulated experience of 33 years, AEC is able to understand the clients' requirements in terms of objective, time scale, quality, and budget. Utilizing motivated team of leading professionals, innovation and forward thinking, AEC delivers exceptional value and total satisfaction to the client.

A complete awareness of local laws, regulations, working with different government ministries; latest information in engineering concepts, practices and materials; the regional economy and culture; ensures the best quality of work and product starting from the inception of as project through to design, construction, handover and maintenance.

Why arabian engineering Consultancy?

  • AEC Designers and Engineers are qualified and well equipped professionals that will meet our client's needs efficiently.
  • A vast experience in the design and supervision of construction projects.
  • Assure that our quality standards adhere and comply with the local authority's regulations and perfect specifications.
  • Supported by over 30 years experience in Qatar.
  • Equipped with current infrastructure and excellent engineering expertise and has a dedicated approach to the engineering projects from designing to implementation.
  • In service accompaniment design to ensure that a construction project is completed on-time, within budget and according to specifications.

Service has been the key factor for the success of Arabian Engineers Consultants, keeping this in mind; our engineers are geared up to deliver the highest quality of services to all our client's with due respect and regards for local culture and values.